In 2021, the Pakistani military parade!2021 में होगी पाकिस्तानी सेना की परेड!!

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In 2021, the Pakistani military parade

On March 25, Pakistan held a grand National Day military parade in the capital Islamabad!
The Chinese-made VT-4 tank first appeared in the parade. The Pakistani army plans to deploy 240 VT-4s!

En 2021, le défilé militaire pakistanais !

2021 die pakistanische Militärparade!
В 2021 году пакистанский военный парад!
¡En 2021, el desfile militar paquistaní!
Em 2021, o desfile militar do Paquistão!


In 2021, de Pakistaanse militaire parade!
ในปี 2021 ขบวนพาเหรดทหารปากีสถาน!

Pakistan Day Parade 23rd March

Pakistan is a major nuclear power!
However, Pakistan’s armaments are poor!
The Pakistani army purchases weapons from France and the United States, mainly Russian and Chinese weapons!

Pakistan is at odds with fast-growing India

Therefore, Pakistan attaches great importance to its relationship with China, which is in conflict with India.