Man flying in the sky!Australians transform the world!

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Australians transform the world!
Man flying in the sky!
A mysterious man flies in the sky in Australia!
He is free to fly with the “Copter Pack”!


Un homme mystérieux danse dans le ciel en Australie!
Ein mysteriöser Mann tanzt in Australien am Himmel!
Un hombre misterioso baila en el cielo en Australia!
Um homem misterioso dança no céu da Austrália!
Загадочный мужчина танцует в небе Австралии!
You can watch the test flight video of Copter Pack!

Copter Pack First Flight

*Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / CopterPack / Manned drone | Backpack helicopter | Electric jetpack / See the amazing first flight of CopterPack!
The maximum altitude is about 15m. The flight time is about 40 seconds! In the future, when Toyota Motor puts all solid-state batteries into practical use, the “CopterPack” will continue to fly in the sky for dozens of hours!