Successful launch of a Chinese manned spacecraft in 2021!

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Successful launch of a Chinese manned spacecraft in 2021!


Erfolgreicher Start eines chinesischen bemannten Raumfahrzeugs im Jahr 2021!
Lancement réussi d’un vaisseau spatial habité chinois en 2021 !
ประสบความสำเร็จในการเปิดตัวยานอวกาศควบคุมของจีนในปี 2564!
¡Lanzamiento exitoso de una nave espacial tripulada china en 2021!
Lançamento bem-sucedido de uma espaçonave tripulada chinesa em 2021!
Успешный запуск китайского пилотируемого космического корабля в 2021 году!
Succesvolle lancering van een Chinees bemand ruimtevaartuig in 2021!

China follows the United States and Russia

China’s space development is progressing. They plan to build a base on the moon within a decade!

神舟十二号 / Launched June 17, 2021

Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / CCTV Chinese International
Entering the 2020s, China landed spacecraft on the back of the Moon and on Mars. And we are building a space station in the orbit of the earth. Their technological capabilities have caught up with the United States and Russia in the 1990s.