Are you sexy?I’m sexy!Rod Stewart is very popular in Japan!He is John Bull!日本人喜欢的西方音乐!

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Are you sexy?
I’m sexy!
Rod Stewart is very popular in Japan!

He is John Bull

Rod Stewart was popular in Japan in the 70’s and 80’s!
His song was playing at a disco!
And it is covered by Kenji Sawada, a popular singer in Japan!
Le leader britannique John Bull, Sir Roderick David “Rod” Stewart, (10 janvier 1945-) était également populaire au Japon!
Der führende britische John Bull, Sir Roderick David “Rod” Stewart (10. Januar 1945), war auch in Japan beliebt!
El líder británico John Bull “Sir Roderick David” Rod “Stewart” (10 de enero de 1945-) también fue popular en Japón!
O líder britânico John Bull “Sir Roderick David” Rod “Stewart” (10 de janeiro de 1945) também era popular no Japão!
Czołowy brytyjski John Bull “Sir Roderick David” Rod “Stewart” (10 stycznia 1945-) był również popularny w Japonii!
英国著名的约翰·布尔(John Bull)的“罗德里克·大卫爵士”(Sir Roderick David)的罗德·斯图亚特(Stewart)(1945年1月10日)在日本也很受欢迎。
Groot-Brittannië’s toonaangevende John Bull “Sir Roderick David” Rod “Stewart” (10 januari 1945-) was ook populair in Japan!
Anche il leader britannico John Bull “Sir Roderick David” Rod “Stewart” (10 gennaio 1945-) era popolare in Giappone!
Storbritanniens ledande John Bull “Sir Roderick David” Rod “Stewart” (10 januari 1945-) var också populär i Japan!
Storbritanniens førende John Bull “Sir Roderick David” Rod “Stewart” (10. januar 1945-) var også populær i Japan!
Sir Roderick David “Rod” Stewart, January 10, 1945-) is a British musician of Scottish descent!
He is ranked 59th in “Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers in History”!

He’s from Scotland but John Bull

He emigrated to the United States, where the tax rate is low when songs are sold in the world!

He is also a model railroad enthusiast

จอห์นบูลชั้นนำของอังกฤษ “เซอร์โรเดอริคเดวิด” ร็อด “สจ๊วต” (10 มกราคม 2488-) ก็ได้รับความนิยมเช่นกันในญี่ปุ่น!
Britanski vodeći John Bull “Sir Roderick David” Rod “Stewart” (10. siječnja 1945.) također je bio popularan u Japanu!
He professes to “like blondes”!

I’m sexy

Of course the times are me too!
Kenji Sawada, who is unknown only to British and Americans, is also a singer and a musician who represents Japan!
He was active in Japan in the 70’s and 80’s!
Ведущий британский Джон Булл “Сэр Родерик Дэвид” Род “Стюарт” (10 января 1945 г.) был также популярен в Японии!

I’m Sexy / Rod Stewart / Japanese LP

Rod Stewart!
Very popular in Tokyo in the 70’s!
Everyone listened to his song and danced!
Music has no borders!

Rod Stewart

Sehr beliebt in Tokio in den 70er Jahren!
Jeder hörte sein Lied und tanzte!
Musik kennt keine Grenzen!

Род Стюарт

Очень популярно в Токио 70-х годов! Все слушали его песню и танцевали!
Музыка не имеет границ!

And Kenji Sawada, who represents Japan

You know!
Let’s listen at a loud volume!

Kenji Sawada(沢田研二)/  I’m Sexy


Kenji Sawada is oriented towards glam rock

Kenji Sawada orientiert sich am Glam Rock!
Kenji Sawada est orienté vers le glam rock!

Rod Stewart is from Scotland

And Kenji Sawada is from Kyoto!
Kyoto is an ancient city that represents Japan!

You go

To Japan and Scotland!
Japan and Scotland are waiting for you!