Freedom warrior who loved the sea!I swam over 100 kilometers of the sea! Soviet asylum seekers!StanislavVasilyevich Kurilov!

The Soul World
The Soul World

I swam over 100 kilometers of the sea!
Soviet asylum seekers!
He swam in the Filipino waters where sharks swim!
His name is Stanislav Vasilyevich Kurilov!
July 17, 1936 – January 29, 1998!


He lived hard!
Abandoned the country!
I killed my family in my country!
He took great risk!
He has longed for the sea since he was a child!
He became an adult and became a psychiatrist!
After that, I became an oceanographer through various occupations!

He wants the freedom he seeks

I want to study the world’s oceans freely!
He typed in. Yoga, meditation, fasting, swimming!
He was also a soul seeker!

Shoot a ferry at Rebun Island in Hokkaido-3

His salvation is the presence of an older sister who had emigrated to Canada!
He decided. “I abandon the Soviet Union and move to Canada.”

The chance came in 1974

He saw a cruise promotion “from winter to summer”!
This cruise ship was a tour of the Pacific Ocean from Vladivostok, Russia!
But the cruise ship doesn’t call anywhere!
The ship is monitored by the Thought Police and armed sailors!

Walking on Rebun Island in Hokkaido-1

The ship leaving Vladivostok passed by Taiwan (Republic of China) and the Philippines and headed south!
And the time has come!
Off the Philippines!
100 kilometers!
The moment the ship is closest to the land!

He jumped in

The sea where sharks swim!

He did a miracle

He was not caught in the screw of the cruise ship!
It was not found by the armed sailors either!
He swam!

Sunset seen from the Pacific ferry-10



Navigate the starlight!
And three days later, he lost consciousness and washed ashore on a small island!

Sightseeing Rebun Island in Hokkaid-2

He arrived safely in the Philippines!
However, he will be detained in the Philippines for 60 days!
Filipino officials have identified him as a Soviet spy!

However, on suspicion, he went into exile in Canada

After that, he became a hero of those seeking freedom (rights) in the Soviet Union!
However, his family was cracked down by Soviet authorities as a traitor’s family!

Sightseeing Rebun Island in Hokkaid-4

He worked at a pizzeria in Canada!
He will learn English and pursue his career as a marine researcher!
Then, on January 29, 1998, he was caught in a net and died while diving!

Was he happy

He was a traitor in his homeland and had a lot of trouble even in exile!
But Stanislav Vasilievich Kurilov does tell!

Fight freedom

Happiness is to grab! For that, daily training, study, and effort are indispensable!
Life is Russian roulette!
You turn the revolver!

Stanislav Kurilov

Superhuman legend!
Former Soviet asylum seekers!
Stanislav Vasilyevich Kurilov is dead, but his soul is still alive!
And the legend of superhumans began in Vladivostok!
The neighboring country of Vladivostok is Japan!

Japan is waiting for your visit to Japan

The world of the soul!

【He Swam 2 Full Days to Escape USSR】

Let’s go

Hokkaido, Rebun Island, Kyoto, Tokyo, Kochi prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Nagano prefecture!

You burn your soul

Free yourself from stupid families,sex,desire,money,Countryside,Busy big city,people around you, losers, schools, professions, poverty, disabilities, and past failures!