UFOs fly in Nevada, USA!The US Open is shocked!

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UFOs fly in Nevada, USA!

Is it real?

Is it a fake?
A UFO appears above people who were sightseeing in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA!
A silver, disk-shaped flying object was moving at high speed!
He tourists who took the picture did not notice it unless they played it slowly because of its high speed!
НЛО появляется над людьми, которые осматривали достопримечательности озера Тахо, штат Невада, США!
Über Menschen, die in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA, Sightseeing machten, erscheint ein UFO!
Un OVNI apparaît au-dessus des personnes qui faisaient du tourisme à Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA!
¡Un OVNI aparece sobre personas que estaban haciendo turismo en Lake Tahoe, Nevada, EE. UU.!
Um OVNI aparece acima de pessoas que estavam visitando Lake Tahoe, Nevada, EUA!
Ett UFO dyker upp ovanför människor som besökte Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA!
UFO pojawia się nad ludźmi, którzy zwiedzali jezioro Tahoe w stanie Nevada w USA!
Un UFO appare sopra le persone che stavano visitando Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA!
This video was submitted to the world’s largest private UFO research institute “MUFON” headquartered in the United States!
Dieses Video wurde beim weltweit größten privaten UFO-Forschungsinstitut “MUFON” mit Sitz in den USA eingereicht!
“We were on a sightseeing cruise on Lake Tahoe that day, and it wasn’t until we came back from the trip that we noticed the objects passing by,” said X, who shot the video. It was when I was reviewing the video I was recording at home on my PC. “!

Must watch: UFO over Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA

Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / UFOmania –The truth is out there / The witness was vacationing in Lake Tahoe when he unknowingly filmed this UFO. The UFO passes at an amazing speed from the right to the left of the screen. Source: Mufon.

But this video

Youtube comments include “This is clearly a fake” and “Why are UFO investigators so overt fake videos?”
However, if this UFO was in the analog era (VHS), it would have been credible!
On the contrary, it can be said that it is a UFO that could not be discovered unless it was in the digital age!