Mr. Bezos’ personal wealth!Words of successful people!

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In 2021, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Mr. Bezos’ personal wealth was $ 197 billion, the highest level since the beginning of 2021.


He is the second richest man in the world after Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk.


His wealth is increasing day by day


Jeffrey Preston Bezos, January 12, 1964, is a businessman, investor, and philanthropist in the United States!
Co-founder and CEO of, which monopolizes the world’s retail industry!


Birth name is Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen


One of the world’s largest wealthy individuals, it has $ 204.6 billion in assets as of 2020, according to Forbes Billionaires.


The world’s first person with over $ 200 billion in assets. In 2013, he acquired the leading US newspaper, The Washington Post, and became the owner.


The secret of success / GQ JAPAN


Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos talks about artificial intelligence, space development, and the history of the acquisition of “Washington Post”? / Session at the “New Establishment Summit” sponsored by the US magazine “Vanity Fair”.


He graduated from Princeton University in 1986 and worked for an investment bank!


And I made up my mind


He decided to start an online bookstore in late 1993!


And it succeeded