2021 US Army F-22 Raptor flies over Mt. Fuji!2021年美国军用F-22飞越富士山!

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2021 US military F-22 flies over Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is a symbol of the Japanese people!
On April 1, 2021, the F-22, a fifth-generation fighter belonging to the U.S. Air Force 199th Combat Squadron, which trained in formation flight over Mt. Fuji in Japan, flew with the support of the KC-135 of the U.S. Air Force in Japan!

The US Air Force can fly freely in the skies of Japan

However, Japanese aircraft cannot fly without the permission of the US military!

This is the appearance of Japan, the defeated country

В 2021 году американский военный F-22 пролетит над Фудзи!

2021 US-Militär F-22 fliegt über den Fujisan

2021 Le F-22 militaire américain survole le mont Fuji!
2021 ¡El F-22 militar estadounidense sobrevuela el monte Fuji!

2021 O F-22 militar dos EUA sobrevoa o Monte Fuji

2021 Amerikaanse militaire F-22 vliegt over de berg Fuji!
2021 Amerykański wojskowy F-22 przelatuje nad górą Fudżi!

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The US military flies freely in the skies of Japan!
Japan and the United States are allies!
But the United States never sells the F-22 to its allies!

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What do you think if you are an American and Japanese fighters are free to fly over the United States?

This is everyday life in Japan

And it is a poor military force!

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USA: s militära F-22 2021 flyger över Fuji-berget!
I don’t know Americans, but there is no military in Japan!
Japan lost the war with the United States and abandoned its force!

It was a US obedience condition

Japan has the Self-Defense Forces!
With its scale and equipment, it cannot confront China, Russia and the Korean Peninsula!

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Der Fuji ist ein Symbol des japanischen Volkes!
Am 1. April 2021 fliegt der Jäger F-22 der 5. Generation der 199!
Kampfstaffel der US-Luftwaffe, der im Formationsflug über den Berg Fuji in Japan trainiert, mit Unterstützung der US-Luftwaffe KC-135 in Japan!

Die US Air Force kann frei in den Himmel Japans fliegen

Japanische Flugzeuge können jedoch nicht ohne die Erlaubnis des US-Militärs fliegen!
Dies ist das Erscheinen von Japan, dem besiegten Land!

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The Japanese sky that Americans do not know!
U.S. military aircraft are still flying over Japan today!
The Japanese government bears the cost of aviation fuel for US military aircraft in Japan!

You also come to Japan and hurry to Mt. Fuji

Japan is waiting for your visit to Japan 24 hours a day!