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You go on a trip to japan
You meet fate
You know the world
Japan wartet auf dich
Le Japon vous attend
Япония ждет тебя

In 2021, a military parade supported by Russian intelligence was held in Myanmar, which is in conflict with the United States!

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In 2021, a military parade supported by Russian intelligence was held in Myanmar, which is in conflict with the United States!
En 2021, un défilé militaire soutenu par les renseignements russes a eu lieu au Myanmar, qui est en conflit avec les États-Unis!
Im Jahr 2021 fand in Myanmar, das im Konflikt mit den Vereinigten Staaten steht, eine vom russischen Geheimdienst unterstützte Militärparade statt!
В 2021 году военный парад при поддержке российской разведки прошел в Мьянме, находящейся в конфликте с США!
En 2021, se llevó a cabo un desfile militar apoyado por la inteligencia rusa en Myanmar, que está en conflicto con Estados Unidos!
Em 2021, uma parada militar apoiada pela inteligência russa foi realizada em Mianmar, que está em conflito com os Estados Unidos!
ในปี 2564 การสวนสนามทางทหารที่ได้รับการสนับสนุนจากหน่วยข่าวกรองรัสเซียจัดขึ้นในเมียนมาร์ซึ่งขัดแย้งกับสหรัฐอเมริกา
In 2021 werd een militaire parade gehouden, ondersteund door Russische inlichtingendiensten, in Myanmar, dat in conflict is met de Verenigde Staten!
The Russian Ministry of Defense (GRU exclusive) has released a military parade image taken by military attachés in Myanmar!
The military parade was attended by high-ranking Russian military officials and many Russian-made weapons appeared!
In 2021, the military regime was revived in what is now Myanmar!
They have cracked down on pro-democracy (Western) and are receiving support from Russia and China!
Myanmar is an important region for the United States (liberal camp)!

Myanmar is a nation swaying between China and India

The United States will not be able to compete with China without indirect control of Myanmar!

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In Myanmar, ethnic minorities are being slaughtered by the military government!
At this rate, it will be like Rwanda!

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The equipment of the Myanmar army is poor!
However, no foreign power can attack this country!

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The great powers always play with the small ones!
Myanmar troops are happy with Russian and Chinese monkey model weapons!

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The military with flashy uniforms is weak!
This is a historical dogma!

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Россия расширяет сферу своего влияния по мере того, как Соединенные Штаты приходят в упадок!
Российская военная разведка превосходна!
Russia is expanding its sphere of influence as the United States declines!
Russian military intelligence is excellent!

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What they need is economics and democratic politics, not weapons!

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An army of this size could be destroyed by the Chinese Navy’s Aircraft Carrier Task Force!

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Myanmar’s turmoil will continue!
The roots of the frames are due to the rule of the British Empire!

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Myanmars Aufruhr wird anhalten!
Die Wurzeln der Rahmen liegen in der Herrschaft des britischen Empire!

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Even today, tanks overrun the people and minorities!

Is this the Middle Ages?

A young woman is raped!

The child is shot dead

The old man is trampled!
A young man is stabbed with a bayonet!
Someone tells you!
This world is evil!
Myanmar will tell you!

You can hear

The screams of those who have no power!

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Myanmar is in turmoil!
They are wary of China!
They are rejecting Western forces!

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This confusion was caused by the colonial rule of the British Empire!
Deze verwarring werd veroorzaakt door de koloniale overheersing van het Britse rijk!