2021!Ghanaian Special Forces! Receive guidance from the US military!The sanctuary of BLM is Ghana, not Minnesota!

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The sanctuary of BLM is Ghana, not Minnesota!
Ghana in West Africa is now a peaceful country, but it also has a dark history of the “black slave trade.”
Today, Ghana is famous for its cocoa beans, but it used to flourish in the export of gold and slaves!
The Ashanti Kingdom, which existed in the inland area of ​​Ghana in the 17th and 19th centuries, prospered greatly in the black slave trade!
Many Americans (whites) have the image of “whites buying and selling blacks” when it comes to the black slave trade!
However, in the actual black slave trade, blacks caught blacks from other tribes and sold them to whites!

There is a human tragedy in Ghana

Ghanaian Special Forces!

Receive guidance from the US military

Ghanaische Spezialeinheiten!
Lassen Sie sich vom US-Militär beraten!

Forces spéciales ghanéennes

Recevez les conseils de l’armée américaine!
Ghana is the hometown of the 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan!

And the sanctuary of BLM

The birthplace of the black slave trade!

Ганский спецназ

Получите указания от военных США!
Гана – родина черной работорговли!
Ghana ist die Heimatstadt des 7. Generalsekretärs der Vereinten Nationen, Kofi Annan!
Und das Heiligtum von BLM!
Der Geburtsort des schwarzen Sklavenhandels!
Fuerzas especiales de Ghana!
¡Reciba orientación del ejército de los EE. UU.!

Forças Especiais de Gana

Receba orientação dos militares dos EUA!
Ghanese Special Forces!

Ontvang begeleiding van het Amerikaanse leger

Ghana is de geboorteplaats van de 7e secretaris-generaal van de Verenigde Naties, Kofi Annan!
En het heiligdom van BLM! De geboorteplaats van de zwarte slavenhandel!


As part of the “Exercise Obangame Express 2021” exercise sponsored by the United States Africa Command, Ghanaian special forces personnel conducted an on-site training on a suspicious ship.

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The US military is educating the military in developing countries!
Many Americans are unaware of the success of the US military!

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Ghana är hemstaden för FN: s sjunde generalsekreterare, Kofi Annan!

Och BLMs helgedom

Födelseplatsen för den svarta slavhandeln!

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Ghana produces a lot of cocoa beans, which are the raw material for chocolate!

Once upon a time, Ghana was the slave trade base

African Americans in the United States have roots in Garner!
Ghana is the home of the hearts of African Americans living in the United States!

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Ghana is waiting!

Returning African Americans

African Americans who are disgusted in the United States are not alone!
Because they have Ghana!

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BLM’s hometown!
The US military will lead the Ghana army in Ghana today!

Ghanaians say

“African Americans living in the United States should come back to Ghana!”
Ghana is waiting for African-American visits 24 hours a day!
You go to Ghana!