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The Legend of David Bowie!THE Best Rock!Koji Kikkawa, a Rocker who surpasses Robert Palmer and Duran Duran!

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The world of rock music you don’t know!
THE Best Rock Musics


Koji Kikkawa, a Rocker who surpasses Robert Palmer and Duran Duran!
Koji Kikkawa!

Koji Kikkawa!(1965/8/18/吉川晃司

Also known as K2!
He is one of Japan’s leading Rockers!
吉川晃司(Koji Kikkawa)是日本著名的摇滚音乐家之一。


Koji Kikkawa pursued Western music in Japan in the 1980s!
Inspired by David Bowie, he devotes his life to the fusion of Western and Eastern rock music!
吉川晃司(Koji Kikkawa)于1980年代在日本追求西方音乐。
在大卫·鲍伊(David Bowie)的启发下,他一生致力于西方和东方摇滚音乐的融合。
Koji Kikkawa a poursuivi la musique occidentale au Japon dans les années 1980!
Inspiré par David Bowie, il consacre sa vie à la fusion de la musique rock occidentale et orientale!
Koji Kikkawa verfolgte in den 1980er Jahren westliche Musik in Japan.
Inspiriert von David Bowie widmet er sein Leben der Verschmelzung von westlicher und östlicher Rockmusik.
Кодзи Киккава занимался западной музыкой в ​​Японии в 1980-х годах!
Вдохновленный Дэвидом Боуи, он посвящает свою жизнь слиянию западной и восточной рок-музыки.

He was in distress

That Japanese people play rock music!

He asked David Bowie for an answer

Koji Kikkawa se dedicó a la música occidental en Japón en la década de 1980!
Inspirado por David Bowie, dedica su vida a la fusión de la música rock occidental y oriental!
Koji Kikkawa perseguiu a música ocidental no Japão na década de 1980!
Inspirado por David Bowie, ele dedica sua vida à fusão do rock ocidental e oriental!
He listened to a lot of music in the 80’s
And it was played!

Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love

Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Robert Palmer / REMASTERED IN HD! / Music video by Robert Palmer performing Addicted To Love. (C) 1985 The Island Def Jam Music Group.
Robert Palmer is a British gentleman who was active in the 80’s!

Also known as John Bull

He died on September 26, 2003!
Koji Kikkawa has been greatly influenced by him!
Robert Palmer ist ein britischer Gentleman, der in den 80er Jahren aktiv war!

Auch bekannt als John Bull

Er starb am 26. September 2003!
Koji Kikkawa wurde stark von ihm beeinflusst!
Koji Kikkawa lernte POP-Musik vom britischen Gentleman Duran Duran, der in den 1980er Jahren weltweit ein großer Erfolg war.
Koji Kikkawa learned POP music from the British gentleman Duran Duran, who was a big success all over the world in the 1980s.

Duran Duran – Rio

Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Duran Duran / The official Duran Duran video for “Rio” from 1982’s RIO. Directed by Russell Mulcahy.

Duran Duran is a British rock band

They formed in 1978 in Birmingham, central England!
It sparked the movement and MTV boom known as New Romantic in the early 1980s!
And it had a great influence on Koji Kikkawa, a rock musician who represents the Orient!

Duran Duran est un groupe de rock britannique

Ils se sont formés en 1978 à Birmingham, dans le centre de l’Angleterre!
Cela a déclenché le mouvement et le boom de MTV connu sous le nom de New Romantic au début des années 1980!
Et cela a eu une grande influence sur Koji Kikkawa, un musicien rock qui représente l’Orient!

Duran Duran ist eine britische Rockband

Sie wurden 1978 in Birmingham, Mittelengland, gegründet!
Es löste die Bewegung und den MTV-Boom aus, der Anfang der 1980er Jahre als New Romantic bekannt war!
Und es hatte großen Einfluss auf Koji Kikkawa, einen Rockmusiker, der den Orient vertritt!
You knew!

Koji Kikkawa吉川晃司)!

Koji Kikkawa is from Hiroshima, the atomic bombing area of ​​Japan!
He sublimated anti-American sentiment with rock music!
A-bombed area and victorious US rock!
He suffers from self-contradiction!

ชื่อของมันคือ “Koji Kikkawa”

เขาติดตามดนตรีร็อคตั้งแต่ยุค 80 จนถึงปัจจุบัน

Du wusstest

Koji Kikkawa!
Koji Kikkawa stammt aus Hiroshima, dem Atombombengebiet Japans!
Er sublimierte die antiamerikanische Stimmung mit Rockmusik!
A-bombardiertes Gebiet und siegreicher US-Rock!
Er leidet unter Selbstwiderspruch!


吉川晃司(Koji Kikkawa)来自日本的原子弹爆炸地区广岛。

Now, maximize the volume


HOT LIPS / 吉川晃司

K2 music continues!
Koji Kikkawa!



吉川晃司 / HOT LIPS

Koji Kikkawa’s music never stops!

He is still active in music

In addition, this HOT LIPS received a complaint from Robert Palmer!

Therefore, the CD could not be sold

However, it is a song that K2 fans love!

Interview with David Bowie & Koji Kikkawa (1994)

David Bowie was an understanding of Koji Kikkawa!
Koji Kikkawa knows the true identity of David Bowie!
David Bowie sings!


to understand!


He is a new great thinker born in Britain!


David Bowie is a man without the idea of ​​prejudice!
David Bowie understood Koji Kikkawa’s suffering!
The characteristic of Koji Kikkawa is that he sings Japanese in an English style!
吉川晃司(Koji Kikkawa)的特点是他会以英语演唱日语。

ASHES TO ASHES / Koji Kikkawa

Rock music has no borders!

The Best Rock Music


You know

Koji Kikkawa streefde in de jaren tachtig naar westerse muziek in Japan!
Geïnspireerd door David Bowie wijdt hij zijn leven aan de versmelting van westerse en oosterse rockmuziek!
Koji Kikkawa bedrev västerländsk musik i Japan på 1980-talet!
Inspirerad av David Bowie ägnar han sitt liv åt fusionen av västerländsk och östlig rockmusik!
Koji Kikkawa zajmował się zachodnią muzyką w Japonii w latach 80!
Zainspirowany Davidem Bowie, poświęca swoje życie fuzji zachodniej i wschodniej muzyki rockowej!

Rambling Rose / 不道德的玫瑰

Rock music is universal

The gods we worship are the same, even if they are of different races, languages, and religions!


¡Escuchemos a un volumen alto!


K2 blends Prince’s Purple Rain and Police’s synchronicity!
The world-famous singer Madonna has asked K2 about the location of the toilet in Japan!

Anyway, K2 is Cool

K2 is pursuing the real thing!

Let’s listen at a loud volume

Japanese music is characterized by its light sound!

You open your eyes

Koji Kikkawa sings Eros!
Кодзи Киккава поет Эрос!

【EROS / 爱神

You know the world!
You throw away common sense!
Koji Kikkawa will not stop trying!

You come to Japan

Japan is waiting for your visit to Japan 24 hours a day!