Astonished the 1990s! Know the rulers of the world! The best movie!

The Soul World
π-The world of Darren Aronofsky
The Soul World-- Leben in JapanThe Truth of the World-Impact Facts-- La vie au Japon-日本的生活-日本的真相-Жизнь в ЯпонииLa vida cotidiana en Japónการเดินทางไปญี่ปุ่น-Tokyo Fortune Telling-


The best movie!


Don’t look!

The world of God

The world of truth!
They are recording the word of God!
They know the laws of the universe!
They are in NY!


The best low-budget movie!
It surprised the whole world!
They are profiting from the stock market!

Accuse the ruler of this world

“Π” (Pi) is a movie made in the United States in 1998!
It is a low-budget movie and is a full-length monochrome movie!
With his innovative visual expression, esoteric story, and exciting techno background music, he has won numerous awards around the world, including the 1998 Sundance Film Festival and Best Director Award.
The main character, Max Cohen, lives alone in a small apartment in Chinatown, New York!
He has no interest in money, woman, fame or honor!
He is pursuing the truth in New York!
He suffers from migraines, delusions and hallucinations!
Frequent seizures and taking medication!
He has seizures when he is with the people, profane, and herds around him!

He is lonely

Like Rebun Island in Hokkaido!
You are fascinated by Rebun Island in Hokkaido, Japan!

Sightseeing Rebun Island in Hokkaid-8

Mac Cohen is a number theory researcher and computer science engineer!
His friend is a former mathematician and Jewish Sol who lives in the same building!
Then, one day, Mac Cohen created a program to forecast the stock market on his own supercomputer!
His computer calculated a 216-digit number. And the computer broke down. And he

What did he see after that

Is it a madman who knows the truth?

This movie tells us the truth

The entertainment level of this movie is low!
There are times when it’s very boring!
However, I feel talent, intelligence, and artistic sense in the way of writing, shooting, and editing.
It’s a movie that made the then-unknown director Darren Aronofsky famous overnight. And this movie accuses the rulers of the world!
However, according to filmmakers, Darren Aronofsky seems to be erotic!

To co-star actress

Is the truth of the world in Fibonacci numbers, Hebrew numeral golden ratios, Go, and numerical calculations?

You confirm

Is the world explored by the virgin hero the world of mathematical logician Godel?

Pi (1998) Official Trailer / 一个知道真相的人

God, truth, Buddha, law, universe!

A movie with a magnificent theme

It is selfish and gives a humorous impression!
If you want to live happily, never touch the world of God (truth & the laws of the universe).
You should never leave the world!

God does not make use of those who know the truth

And you go on a trip to Japan!

Japan welcomes you to Japan 24 hours a day

In dem Film “π”, der 1998 bereut wurde, entdeckt ein einsamer Mathematiker, der in NY lebt, die Wahrheit des Universums.
Er wird dann von einem jüdischen Geheimbund entführt!

Was ist die Wahrheit, die er gefunden hat

Dans le film “π”, qui a été regretté en 1998, un mathématicien solitaire vivant à New York découvre la vérité de l’univers.
Il est ensuite enlevé par une société secrète juive!

Quelle est la vérité qu’il a trouvée?

В фильме «π», о котором пожалели в 1998 году, математик-одиночка, живущий в Нью-Йорке, открывает истину Вселенной.
Затем его похищает еврейское тайное общество!
Какую правду он нашел?


En la película “π”, que se lamentó en 1998, un matemático solitario que vive en Nueva York descubre la verdad del universo!
Luego es secuestrado por una sociedad secreta judía. ¿Cuál es la verdad que encontró?
No filme “π”, lamentado em 1998, um matemático solitário residente em NY descobre a verdade do universo!
Ele é então sequestrado por uma sociedade secreta judaica. Qual é a verdade que ele encontrou?
In de film “π”, die in 1998 spijt kreeg, ontdekt een eenzame wiskundige die in New York woont de waarheid van het universum!
Hij wordt vervolgens ontvoerd door een joods geheim genootschap. Wat is de waarheid die hij heeft gevonden?
I filmen “π”, som beklagades 1998, upptäcker en ensam matematiker som bor i NY universums sanning!
Han kidnappas sedan av ett judiskt hemligt samhälle. Vad är sanningen han hittade?
Nel film “π”, di cui si è pentito nel 1998, un matematico solitario che vive a New York scopre la verità dell’universo.
Viene quindi rapito da una società segreta ebraica!
Qual è la verità che ha trovato?
I filmen “π”, som blev fortrudt i 1998, opdager en enlig matematiker, der bor i NY universets sandhed!
Derefter bortføres han af et jødisk hemmeligt samfund!
Hvad er sandheden, han fandt?
Il film “π” che è stato un successo in tutto il mondo negli anni ’90!
Il protagonista ha esplorato la matematica e ha visto il sovrano del mondo!
Wird die Welt vom jungfräulichen Helden erforscht, die Welt des mathematischen Logikers Godel?