2021!Americans don’t know!Road rage by US and Russian military vehicles!Русский народ в шоке!

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2021 год, автомобильная погоня российских и американских войск в Сирии!

Americans don’t know

Road rage by US and Russian military vehicles!
Everyday life in Syria where the United States, Russia, Turkey and the EU are overrun!

2021 год

Русские не знают!
Дорожная ярость американской и российской военной техники!


Straßenrummel durch US- und russische Militärfahrzeuge!
Dies ist das tägliche Leben auf dem Schlachtfeld!
Rage au volant des véhicules militaires américains et russes!
C’est la vie quotidienne du champ de bataille!


This video was shot in Syria!

Russian troops fuel US troops

The US military is surprisingly self-restraint!
Looking at the movements of the Russian army in this video, it seems that the Russian army’s controls and military regulations are loose.

U.S. and Russian troops in Syria

Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / Military Times / A Russian vehicle sideswiped a U.S. MRAP in a violent confrontation deep inside the Eastern Syria Donconfliction Zone, where Russian troops are not expected to be operating. Four U.S. troops suffered concussions. Officials from both countries are discussing the incident.
Many Americans are unaware of the reality of the US military!
The released footage was taken from a Russian military vehicle!
If this military vehicle were not Russian, the US would have been shooting!

The Syrian people weep

Russia’s financial situation is deteriorating due to Syrian troop dispatch!

Russia makes a big mistake in its economic policy

Russia needs to revitalize its domestic economy, not overseas dispatch!
Russia’s hegemony has collapsed from its national power!
2021 กองทัพรัสเซียและสหรัฐฯไล่ล่ารถในซีเรีย!
2021, ryska och amerikanska trupper biljakt i Syrien!
2021: Russische en Amerikaanse troepen achtervolging in Syrië!
2021, Venäjän ja Yhdysvaltojen joukot ajavat autoja Syyriassa!

2021, quân đội Nga và Mỹ rượt đuổi ô tô ở Syria!

2021, ¡persecución de tropas rusas y estadounidenses en Siria!
2021, perseguição de carros de tropas russas e americanas na Síria!