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2021 US Navy “Ohio SSGN726” Confidentiality Leaked?美国海军“俄亥俄州SSGN726”机密性泄露了吗?

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They protect the United States and its allies 24 hours a day!
Deep sea sniper!
2021 US Navy “Ohio SSGN726” Confidentiality Leaked?
The US Navy has unveiled the inside of the ballistic missile nuclear submarine “Ohio SSGN726” operating in the operation area of ​​the 7th Fleet!

Women are playing an active role in the control room

В 2021 году ВМС США представили внутреннее убранство атомной подводной лодки с баллистическими ракетами SSGN726 Огайо, действующей в районе боевых действий Седьмого флота.
Женщины играют активную роль в диспетчерской.
Im Jahr 2021 enthüllte die US-Marine das Innere des nuklearen Raketen-Atom-U-Bootes SSGN726 aus Ohio, das im Einsatzgebiet der Siebten Flotte eingesetzt wurde.

Frauen spielen eine aktive Rolle im Kontrollraum

En 2021, l’US Navy a dévoilé l’intérieur du sous-marin nucléaire de missiles balistiques Ohio SSGN726 opérant dans la zone d’opérations de la septième flotte.
Les femmes jouent un rôle actif dans la salle de contrôle!

SSGN726 everyday

Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / US Navy / PACIFIC OCEAN (Jan. 24, 2021) The Gold Crew aboard the Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Ohio (SSGN 726) conducts daily operations as the boat transits the Pacific Ocean. Ohio is conducting surveillance, training, and other critical missions in the US 7th Fleet area of ​​operation. (US Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kelsey J. Hockenberger) –Video is low resolution.
The Biden administration has allowed LGBTs to join the military!
In the future, the US Navy will have a drag queen captain!


En 2021, la Marina de los EE. UU. Reveló el interior del submarino nuclear de misiles balísticos SSGN726 de Ohio que opera en el área de operación de la Séptima Flota!
Las mujeres juegan un papel activo en la sala de control!
Em 2021, a Marinha dos EUA revelou o interior do submarino nuclear de mísseis balísticos SSGN726 Ohio operando na área de operação da Sétima Frota.
As mulheres desempenham um papel ativo na sala de controle!
W 2021 roku Marynarka Wojenna Stanów Zjednoczonych odsłoniła wnętrze atomowego okrętu podwodnego z pociskami balistycznymi SSGN726 z Ohio, operującego w rejonie operacji Siódmej Floty!

Kobiety odgrywają aktywną rolę w reżyserce

In 2021 onthulde de Amerikaanse marine het interieur van de nucleaire onderzeeër Ohio SSGN726 met ballistische raketten die opereert in het operatiegebied van de Zevende Vloot.
Vrouwen spelen een actieve rol in de controlekamer!

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A long voyage begins!
You imagine!
The appearance of a couple having an affair on the ship …

Source: https://www.facebook.com/USNavy/2

Eine lange Reise beginnt!
Stell dir vor!
Das Erscheinen eines Paares, das eine Affäre auf dem Schiff hat …

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The main enemies of the US Navy are the Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy!

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US Navy submarines defend the United States and its allies 24 hours a day!
They can evaporate a country by executive order!

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He uses the communications equipment on board to talk to his fiancée!

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He prepares meals for his crew 24 hours a day!
Did he aim to be a Rap musician before joining the Navy?
My dad has evaporated!
My big brother has disappeared!
I grew up with my mother alone!
I think I can hear such a voice!
He is devoted to Cooking!
Even the captain can’t go against him in the kitchen on board!

He is an African-American Cook



Is he the reincarnation of World War II hero “Doris” Dorie “Miller”?

Doris Miller

“Doris” Dorie “Miller” fought!
Black discrimination in the United States!
And with the Empire of Japan that challenged the United States!
Steven Seagal or AAC protects the US Navy’s kitchen!
Americans will never forget!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/USNavy/12

Looking at the nautical chart, she wonders, “What is today’s supper?”


Want to shoot a torpedo into a hole in a Russian and Chinese submarine?

Source: https://www.facebook.com/USNavy/13

He is thinking about life planning in old age!
The Navy has a good pension!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/USNavy/14

Would you like to join the Navy?

He has such a face

Inside the ship, everyone except the captain is a family!