In 2021, the Russian and Chinese governments agree on the construction of a lunar base!

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Russland und China entwickeln gemeinsam den Mond!
La Russie et la Chine développent conjointement la lune!
In 2021, the Russian and Chinese governments agree on the construction of a lunar base!


On March 9, 2021, Russia and China signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly build the “International Science Moon Station”!
The news was announced by Russia’s state-owned space development company, Roscosmos!
Russia has long been debating whether to join the Lunar Gateway, a NASA-led lunar space station (gateway) aimed at building a manned space station (gateway).
Russia finally gave up the way to cooperate with NASA. This is for defense reasons. And Russia chose to work with China to build a space station on the moon that is different from the gateway.

The moon has many mysteries

Russia and China are also encountering a mysterious event during lunar exploration.
Russia and China share confidentiality, especially with respect to the outcome of the US Apollo program.
This has not been published!


The concept of the space station constructed by Russia and China is as follows.
Roscosmos describes the International Science Moon Station jointly constructed by Russia and China as “a complex of experimental and research facilities created on the moon or in orbit.”
In addition, the International Science Moon Station by Russia and China is designed to “enable people to be on the moon,” “enable long-term unmanned driving,” and “support various research experiments.” That is.
And this plan is in opposition to the US “Artemis Program”!
NASA in the United States is proceeding with the “Artemis Program” to send humankind to the Moon again in order to advance the development of the Moon.
The Artemis program is based on the international Artemis Accords, which sets out the basic principles of space exploration and space utilization on the Moon and Mars.
Nine countries have already agreed the United States, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates, and Ukraine.
However, the United States intends to put a large burden on Japan on this budget.
The Japanese government is in trouble!
Japan cannot afford this plan due to financial difficulties!
The United States always poses challenges to its client state, the Government of Japan!
However, Japan has no choice but to follow the instructions of the United States because it is threatened by Russia and China.

Russia turns away from NASA, says it will work with China on a Moon base

In this plan, Russia will pay for the technology and China will bear the cost!

Pivoting from NASA, Russia partners with China for lunar space station

This news is sober!
It is news that will have a great impact on the survival of humankind in the future!

Construction of lunar base by Russia and China

Quoted/reprinted from YouTube/Roscosmos Media/Генеральный директор Госкорпорации «Роскосмос» Дмитрий Рогозин и руководитель КНКА г-н Чжан Кэцзянь 9 марта 2021 года в формате видеоконференции подписали от имени правительств России и Китая Меморандум о взаимопонимании между Правительством Китайской Народной Республики и Правительством Российской Федерации о сотрудничестве в области создания Международной научной лунной станции (МНЛС).
Международная научная лунная станция — комплекс экспериментально-исследовательских средств, создаваемый на поверхности и/или на орбите Луны, предназначенный для проведения многопрофильных и многоцелевых научно-исследовательских работ, включая исследование и использование Луны, лунные наблюдения, фундаментальные исследовательские эксперименты и проверку технологий с возможностью длительной беспилотной эксплуатации с перспективой присутствия человека на Луне.

中国建立月球基地 / Lunar base envisioned by China

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