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Get to know the siege against China!

Get to know “QUAD”!
“QUAD” is a siege to China by Japan, the United States, India, and Australia!


A system in which Japan, the United States, India, and Australia, which have great interests in the Pacific Ocean, cooperate!
Four countries, four, so “QUAD”!
Currently, China’s development is remarkable!
One-party dictatorship, population, technological innovation, revival of the Chinese nation!
Many countries are threatened to overtake the United States with economic power in 2030.
Until now, it has been Japan and the United States that have suppressed China’s power!
However, Japan and the United States cannot curb the threat of China!
Therefore, Washington is building a siege against China that involves countries from India and Australia in addition to Japan and the United States.
What is important here is the population!

India has a population of over 1.3 billion

In addition to that, if you add the populations of Japan, the United States, and Australia, you can have more power than the population of China.
It is Shinzo Abe(Former Prime Minister of Japan) of Japan who made an effort to create the mechanism of “OUAD”!
However, there are many issues with “OUAD”!
If “OUAD” is strengthened, China will be very cautious and will focus on military power!
The Pacific Ocean is currently at a major turning point in its power balance!
And “OUAD” is not a military alliance against China!
The binding force of “OUAD” is weak!
If you major in International Relations at university, you will be promised a career if you study “QUAD”!