Don’t look!Controversial Anime! 有争议的动漫! The whole world is astonished!

The Soul World
The Soul World-- Leben in Japan- La vie au Japon-日本的生活-日本的真相-Жизнь в ЯпонииLa vida cotidiana en JapónTo All Arabsการเดินทางไปญี่ปุ่น-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The whole world is astonished!
A controversial anime in Scandinavia!

Shock the whole world

The Chinese Communist Party also has no words!



You witness

And you can’t go back to reality!
Be prepared!

Un anime controversé en Scandinavie

Choquer le monde entier!

Ein umstrittener Anime in Skandinavien

Schock die ganze Welt!

Спорный аним в Скандинавии

Шокируй весь мир!

You shouldn’t look

¡Un anime controvertido en Escandinavia!
Conmociona al mundo entero!

Um anime polêmico na Escandinávia

Choque o mundo inteiro!

You throw away common sense

Throw away Disney works!

Een controversiële anime in Scandinavië

Shock de hele wereld!

The whole United States is shocked

Một bộ anime gây tranh cãi ở Scandinavia!
Làm chấn động cả thế giới!

Un anime controverso in Scandinavia

Sciocca il mondo intero!

Kontrowersyjne anime w Skandynawii

Zszokuj cały świat!

Change your view of anime

The shock of the brain exploding!

John Dillermand / 温柔的变态叔叔

Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / Daniel / Introen til John Dillermand –sendt på DR Ramasjang.
Change the preconceived notion of anime!

James Corden reacts to John Dillermand! /美国动荡

Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted /Timonster007 / James Corden reacts to John Dillermand!
The whole world is shaking!


In 2021, pay attention to John Dillermand rather than Joe Biden!