A mysterious white man cuts his hair in Osaka, Japan!日本秘密!

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A mysterious white man cuts his hair in Osaka, Japan

Get to know Japanese culture!
Un mystérieux homme blanc se coupe les cheveux à Osaka, au Japon!


Ein mysteriöser weißer Mann schneidet sich in Osaka, Japan, die Haare!
Загадочный белый мужчина стригся в Осаке, Япония!

World Traveler Matt Javit goes

I sat in a barber’s chair all over the world and tried haircutting, beard care, and neck shaving!
Wereldreiziger Matt Javit gaat!
Ik zat over de hele wereld in kappersstoelen en probeerde kapsels, baardverzorging en nek-shabins!

【I went to barber shops all over the world】

Kolkata, India, Osaka, Indonesia, Bali, Japan; Vietnam, Hanoi. Queenstown, New Zealand. Milwaukee, USA! He continues his journey alone!
Barber shops in Japan are smart and have good service!

You want to go to Japan

Japan is waiting for you!
You go to Japan!




These videos showcase the fun of traveling around the world and the differences between the barber shops I visited!
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