Delicious!Eat Kobe beef steak in Japan! 美味的!在日本吃神户牛排。

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The Soul World-- Leben in Japan- La vie au Japon-日本的生活-日本的真相-World Food-Are you hungry? Do you want to grab a bite?-Жизнь в ЯпонииLa vida cotidiana en Japónการเดินทางไปญี่ปุ่น-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Vegan rage!


Eat Kobe beef steak in Japan!

Vegane Wut

Essen Sie Kobe-Rindersteak in Japan!

Kobe beef is too expensive for Japanese people to eat

Eat such Kobe beef steak in Kyoto!

Le bœuf de Kobe est trop cher à manger pour les Japonais

Mangez un tel steak de bœuf de Kobe à Kyoto.
Говядина Кобе слишком дорога для японцев!
Съешьте такой стейк из говядины Кобе в Киото.

Kobe Beef in Kyoto / Japan’s best Steakhouse /在京都吃神户牛肉

Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / Gion Mikaku, founded in 1929: –2 different cuts of beef: Tajima beef filet mignon and Kobe beef rump steak with just the right amount of marbling (intra-muscular fat) and no extra-muscular fat –400g in total for 2 people. Steak cutting behind a window in their kitchen, friendly, dedicated service, pleasant view, extra hot griddle for proper searing, right timing and handling of the steaks: they certainly know what they are doing- This restaurant meal included garlic rice (between steak and dessert):
¡La carne de Kobe es demasiado cara para que la coman los japoneses! Coma ese filete de ternera de Kobe en Kioto.
Wołowina Kobe jest zbyt droga dla Japończyków do jedzenia! Zjedz taki stek wołowy Kobe w Kioto.
A carne de Kobe é muito cara para os japoneses comerem! Coma esse bife de Kobe em Kyoto.
เนื้อโกเบแพงเกินกว่าที่คนญี่ปุ่นจะกิน! กินสเต็กเนื้อโกเบในเกียวโต
Kobe-rundvlees is te duur voor Japanners om te eten! Eet zo’n Kobe-biefstuk in Kyoto.



The price of Kobe beef fell due to the 2020 corona crisis

The reason is that rich foreigners visiting Japan have stopped coming.
You come to Japan and eat Kobe beef!

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