- Tokyo Fortune Telling -

You go on a trip to japan
You meet fate
You know the world
Japan wartet auf dich
Le Japon vous attend
Япония ждет тебя

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Obama confession!Relationship between President Obama and aliens!

The Soul World

Obama confession!

Relationship between President Obama and aliens

Former US President Barack Obama confesses his relationship with humans and aliens on a late-night show!

Underground base on Mars, US contracted?

Mossad of Israel and GRU of Russia search for information!

President Barack Obama Denies Knowledge of Aliens

Quote / Reprint / Jimmy Kimmel Live / Jimmy does his best to get the President to talk about aliens.
The United States has already signed a cross-species agreement, with American astronauts and alien representatives stationed at the “Underground Base on Mars.” In addition, the US government and aliens have already signed a contract, and based on that, they are conducting experiments at underground bases.
You face the truth

And come to Japan

TR3-B, which uses technology acquired from aliens, is deployed at US military bases in Japan.