Life-changing science story!Why does the laser beam draw a straight line?

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Why does the laser beam draw a straight line?

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Life-changing science story!
Unlike natural light, a laser draws a straight trajectory and can concentrate energy on one point to apply force.

【How lasers work】

Quoted / reprinted from YouTube /How does a laser really work? It’s Bose – Einstein statistics! (photons are bosons)
A video released by the “minute physics” channel, which publishes many physics-related movies on YouTube!
If you look at this, you can easily understand how the laser works!
Lasers are currently evolving. Weapons, communications, MTV!

【Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax】

Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / The 30th Anniversary of ZTT Records (ZTT30) brings you the laser version of Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Dangerous use of laser?

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In Japan, Anti-war activists often irradiate the cockpits of US military and Air Self-Defense Force fighters with lasers.


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