How Americans Use Taxes? Dinner by Ambassador Hagerty!美国驻日本大使!

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“Bill” William Francis “Bill” Hagerty IV (August 14, 1959 [1] -) is an American businessman and diplomat. Former US Ambassador to Japan. He is also the founder and director of the investment company Hagerty Peterson.
William F. Hagerty played a major role in Japan as an ambassador to Japan!

He seized the heart of the Japanese and served in the United States

He was loved by the Japanese!

Ambassador to Japan that blends into Japan

He was a businessman and a good diplomat!

【Hagati Ambassador’s dinner】

In January 2017, Hagati ambassador reported that Donald Trump, who was about to become president of the United States, is considering Hagati’s appointment as the next ambassador to Japan.
Then, on March 23, it was officially announced that the Trump administration was appointed as the next ambassador to Japan. On July 13, the same year, the Senate was approved by a majority of 86-12 , and on July 27, he swore in Washington.

He performed his duties for the United States and Japan

But many Americans are unaware of his success!



La vie quotidienne de l’ambassadeur américain au Japon

Alltag des US-Botschafters in Japan!
Повседневная жизнь посла США в Японии!


¡La vida cotidiana del embajador de Estados Unidos en Japón!
Mas muitos americanos não sabem de seu sucesso!