-Item Introduction-

Global Homeless

-Item Introduction-
The Soul World
The Soul World
-Item Introduction-

Global homeless!
He flies around the world!
He has no house!

He has money

He speaks another language
He is kind
He is popular with the opposite sex
And he knows the taste of freedom!
He doesn’t speak ill of others
He loves wine
He is kind to children
He is always somewhere on the earth

He is sincere

He has no faith
He is a reader
He has no prejudice
He avoids politics

Global homeless

He is a student
He is good at sex
There is no woman who complains to him
He exists somewhere in the world
He is rumored to be the reincarnation of Count Saint-Germain
But no one knows what he is

Everyone is scared tomorrow

Everyone regrets the past But he lives in the future
I want to live like him He has no house
He is intelligent
He can read Latin and Chinese
He dislikes conflict But the fight is strong
He has a black belt in karate

He surfs and then Zazen

He can fly an airplane
He can move a ship
He can overcome all walls
He enjoys living
He goes with his feet everywhere
He is always on the lookout for economic news
He can never flock
He never goes along
He is everywhere in the world Its name is Global Homeless!
He is near you
If you see him call me out
He’s a really shy guy