- Tokyo Fortune Telling -

You go on a trip to japan
You meet fate
You know the world
Japan wartet auf dich
Le Japon vous attend
Япония ждет тебя

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Thomas the Tank Engine!Great remodeling in Japan!Prepare for war!

The Soul World
https://www.facebook.com/USarmy/Quotation source: https://www.facebook.com/USarmy/-4

British people are shocked!
Children around the world cry!


Lokomotive Thomas in Japan umgebaut!
Locomotive Thomas rénovée au Japon!

Локомотив Томас отремонтирован в Японии


The locomotive Thomas is a beloved character in the world! 

The popularity is huge even in Japan!
However, there are humans in Japan who use Thomas as a weapon!

Assault Thomas / 突击型机车托马斯

Reprinted from YouTube/Assault Assault Thomas.


Don’t look at the above sites!

【Attack submarine Thomas / 攻击潜艇托马斯】

Diving specification of locomotive Thomas?

Can you fight M-1 tanks? / 你会打M-1坦克吗?

Locomotive Thomas Hits M1 Abrams?


Will the US Ohio-class nuclear submarines sink Russia’s Borei-type nuclear submarines?
If you click this link, you will see the real locomotive Thomas!

You cannot live your daily life

The protagonist of World War III will be the locomotive Thomas!
In Japan, the locomotive Thomas is undergoing a horrific remodeling experiment!