A burning Pacific Ocean! A large collection of Japanese, American and Australian ships!

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A burning Pacific Ocean!
The end of the Navy of Japan, the US and Australia! From 19th to 23rd July 2020, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, escort ship “Teruzuki” will join the US Navy “Ronald Reagan”, Australian Navy “Canberra”, etc.
for the first time in this year’s multilateral training in the South China Sea and the Western Pacific Ocean. Is being carried out!
The Maritime Self-Defense Force, the US Navy, and the Australian Navy continue their joint training even in Corona Evil under the principle of “a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

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The Chinese Navy is building rapidly!
They buy the latest military technology from France, Germany and Russia!

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Long ago, the Chinese built large ships and landed in North America!

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However, the Chinese at the time were not adventurous and did not have a warlike character, so they were held in their own country!

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But they found it wrong!
They were overrun by the British Empire and colonized!
They swore. And that became a reality!
Pacific waves are high!




Japanische, amerikanische und australische Schiffe versammeln sich!
Les navires japonais, américains et australiens se rassemblent
Японские, американские и австралийские корабли собираются!
รือญี่ปุ่นอเมริกาและออสเตรเลียรวมตัวกัน !