US Base Expedition! Fort McCoy, Wisconsin!Attractions in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin!

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You want to go to Wisconsin!

In that case, stop by Fort McCoy

70 items from helicopters and howitzers to trucks and trailers are on display in the historic memorial area of ​​Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, USA.  
In the memorial area, there are five World War II-era buildings, which were installed to tell the story of Fort McCoy.
f you are an American, go to Fort McCoy once! source: source: source: source: source: source:

Every time I come here, I remember the Vietnam War! source: source:

Many people died in the war!
Both enemies and allies… source:

I want to drink cold beer! source:

From the back I hear a voice?
But he’s dead in war! source:

I hear a lot of voice!
“I want to have sex”, “I want to see my family”, “I want to see my lover”, “I want to go to college”, “I want to fish”… source:

They fought!
They traveled from the countryside to the battlefield!
Ohio, Mississippi, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee… source:

Fort McCoy, Wisconsin!

You go there

Wisconsin is waiting for you!