The hidden truth! Apollo plan!

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The Soul WorldThe Truth of the World-Impact Facts-

Unravel the truth of the famous photo of human landing on the moon!
After 45 years, the latest graphics technology casts a new light on history!
Your view of the world changes!
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The United States does not know!
But I know all but the United States!

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There was no digital technology when Apollo landed on the moon! 
At that time, only film cameras could have taken pictures!
The camera adopted by NASA at that time was Kodak’s ordinary 16 mm color film unprotected camera!
The vacuumed moon surface is a dangerous place where lethal doses of harmful ultraviolet rays and radiation fall!
However, in such a place the film itself becomes exposed!

What’s on the moon?

I know Chinese spacecraft!
And why did Russia block lunar exploration?

You don’t know

The secret of the world!