【Mystery of Nature】Butterfly ! Dance ! Orchestra of insects ! He’s Indiana Jones ? Entomologist fighting !- Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Butterfly !
Dance !

Orchestra of insects !

This butterfly that travels across the North American continent like a migratory bird ! 
Tree branches break.

Amazing hordes ! 

Flock to the trees.
Stores solar energy.
And a monarch butterfly flying in the sky !
A mysterious entomologist seeks the unique sound of millions of butterflies.
I visited a sanctuary in Mexico.
And recorded the finest sound on the ground.
Monarch butterfly in the Nymphalidae It is distributed from Canada to northern South America and is known for traveling long distances in the United States.
These butterflies move up and down the North American continent within a year, changing generations.
Swarms of butterflies swarming trees have been witnessed by stunning Americans.

【Orchestra of insects】

【The SOUND of Millions of Monarch Butterflies!】

『 How many butterflies does it take to make a noise in the woods? A few million. Watch (and listen!) as these monarchs put on a show at their overwintering site in Mexico. Follow on Instagram @phil_torres for more. This was filmed while leading a trip to visit the monarch migration with Atlas Obscura 』

End of quote!

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However, despite these habits, the number of monarchs in the United States has been declining in recent years.
The cause is cited as the deforestation of trees in forest areas in wintering areas.
For this reason, a southern monarch reserve is set up in Mexico, south of them, where many butterflies breed.
Greta Ernman Thunberg gets angry !

Get angry !

In this video, Phil Torres, an entomologist and extreme conservationist, visited a sanctuary in Sierra Cinquala, approximately 3,200 meters above sea level, southwest of Mexico City.
Each spring, butterflies, which are likely to be endangered, begin moving from the United States to Mexico. In autumn, we arrive here and winter.
However, many carcasses of butterflies that couldn’t overwinter after traveling over 2,400 km have fallen.

Nothing left !

After a long journey, they completely cover the trees of the Pinaceae family and move their wings. Trees wrapped in monarch monkeys can be seen as plants of different dimensions when viewed from a distance.

Butterflies orchestra !

The earth plays.

God’s song !

This sound is played not by the early morning,
but by the monarch butterfly activated by the sunlight.
In the daytime, butterflies fly around this time, sucking honey, and mating violently and passionately.
When this video was filmed, there were approximately 140 million butterflies living near the sanctuary.
The earth has a will.
The earth is a paradise created by God.

Awaken humanity !

We are alive.
Wake up !





【Klang Gottes / Schwarm der Schmetterlinge】

Monarchfalter fliegt in den Himmel !
Fliegen Sie in den nordamerikanischen Himmel !
Eine Horde Schmetterlinge singt ein Lied !
Die Erde singt !

【Son de Dieu / Nuée de papillons】

Papillon monarque volant dans le ciel !
Volez dans le ciel nord-américain !
Une horde de papillons chante une chanson !
La terre chante !

【Звук Бога / Рой бабочек】

Бабочка монарх летит в небе !
Летайте в североамериканском небе !
Орда бабочек поет песню !
Земля поет !

【Sound of God / Swarm of Butterflies】

ผีเสื้อพระราชาบินอยู่บนท้องฟ้า !
บินในท้องฟ้าอเมริกาเหนือ !
ฝูงผีเสื้อร้องเพลง !
โลกร้องเพลง !

【Sonido de Dios / Enjambre de mariposas】

Mariposa monarca volando en el cielo !
¡Vuela en el cielo norteamericano !
¡Una horda de mariposas canta una canción !
¡La tierra canta !

【Som de Deus / enxame de borboletas】

Borboleta monarca voando no céu !
Voe no céu da América do Norte !
Uma horda de borboletas canta uma música !
A terra canta !

【Âm thanh của Chúa / bầy bướm】

Bướm chúa bay trên bầu trời !
Bay trên bầu trời Bắc Mỹ !
Một đàn bướm hát một bài hát !
Trái đất hát !

【Ljud av Gud / Svärm av fjärilar】

Monarch Butterfly flyger på himlen !
Flyga på nordamerikansk himmel !
En horde fjärilar sjunger en låt !
Jorden sjunger !

【Звук Бога / Рој лептира】

Лептир монарх лети у небо !
Лети у северноамеричко небо !
Хорда лептира пева песму !
Земља пева !

【Sound of God / Swarm of Butterflies】

Farfalla monarca che vola nel cielo !
Vola nel cielo nordamericano !
Un’orda di farfalle canta una canzone !
La terra canta !

【Sound of God / Kawanan Kupu-kupu】

Monarch Butterfly terbang di langit !
Terbang di langit Amerika Utara !
Segerombolan kupu-kupu menyanyikan lagu !
Bumi bernyanyi !

【Sound of God / Swarm of Butterflies】

Monarchvlinder vliegt in de lucht !
Vlieg in de Noord-Amerikaanse lucht !
Een horde vlinders zingt een lied !
De aarde zingt !

【Звук Бога / Рій метеликів】

Метелик монарх летить у небі !
Літайте в північноамериканське небо !
Орда метеликів співає пісню !
Земля співає !

Гук Бога / Рой матылькоў

Матыль манарха ляціць у неба !
Ляціце ў паўночнаамерыканскае неба !
Арда матылькоў спявае песню !
Зямля спявае !

【Звук на Бог / Рояк на пеперудите】

Пеперуда Монарх лети в небето !
Летете в небето на Северна Америка !
Орда пеперуди пее песен !
Земята пее !

【भगवान की ध्वनि / तितलियों का झुंड】

आकाश में उड़ता हुआ सम्राट तितली !
उत्तरी अमेरिकी आकाश में उड़ो !
तितलियों का झुंड एक गीत गाता है !
पृथ्वी गाती है !

【ღვთის ხმა / პეპლების swarm】

მონარქის პეპელა ცაში დაფრინავს !
ფრენა ჩრდილოეთ ამერიკის ცაში !
პეპლების ურდოს მღერის სიმღერა !
დედამიწა მღერის !