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Former President Reagan revives with hologram technology.
A 3D video that reproduces the speech of former President Reagan will be a hot topic.
In the United States, the late 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, has been talked about as having revived with holograms.
The hologram is said to recreate what the former president had addressed in the re-election in 1984.
It is located in the Reagan Library (and museum) in southern California.

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According to John Heubusch, President of the Reagan Foundation, the goal of this high-tech digital revival is to represent the forties president as alive as possible.
For this reason, he first hired an actor with the same physique and behavior as former President Reagan.

Quote source/https://ja-jp.facebook.com/WhiteHouse/01

However, since no one with a similar face was found, he prepared an image of the head of the former president.
He scans this from multiple angles using multiple cameras and puts it on the body image.
The hologram was then completed using a special Hollywood technique, and the sound was edited by President Reagan’s voice.
The new Hollywood technology is being developed and researched for the Blue Beam project.
A hologram expresses an image of an object not as a plane but as a solid.

Ronald Reagan Hologram

Currently, the plan is ongoing.
Their purpose is the creation of a new God.
They dominate the world with this technology and low frequencies.
This technology has been used in the war in the United States in the Middle East.
Blue Beam Project ?


Do you believe ?



 Blue Beam Plan

Die Vereinigten Staaten entwickeln neue Technologien.
Sie wenden diese Technologie auf den Krieg an.
Die Technologie wird dann verwendet, um die Neue Welt zu regieren.

Plan du faisceau bleu

Les États-Unis développent de nouvelles technologies.
Ils appliquent cette technologie à la guerre.
La technologie sera ensuite utilisée pour gouverner le Nouveau Monde.

План голубого луча

Соединенные Штаты развивают новые технологии.
Они применяют эту технологию на войне.
Затем эта технология будет использоваться для управления Новым Светом.



 Nova tecnologia dos EUA

Nova tecnologia dos EUA ?
Eles estão pesquisando e desenvolvendo tecnologia de holograma.
O objetivo deles é reviver os mortos.

 ¿Nueva tecnología estadounidense?

¿Nueva tecnología estadounidense?
Están investigando y desarrollando tecnología de hologramas.
Su propósito es revivir a los muertos.