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Google recently published a paper stating that it had developed a quantum computer that would take 10,000 seconds to calculate with existing supercomputers in 200 seconds.

It’s an amazing feat !

But Google’s claims that quantum computers outperform conventional computers, however, have been argued by IBM engineers.

Quantum computer-Tokyo Fortune telling-

So I read various scientific papers. Many experts believe that the next decade or so will not be a day when quantum computers can be used properly.
However, quantum computers are currently being put to practical use.
In an experiment conducted by China in 2017, data was successfully transmitted and received using quantum properties.
And China is focusing on the development of quantum computers.
According to rumors, China has developed a quantum computer in secret.
Also, quantum computers are being developed not only in China, but also in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Quantum computer ?

The day to surprise the world is near!

Quantum Computing 2019 Update

 The quantum world ?

God’s world ?

Where does humanity go ?

Quantum world

The quantum world ?
It is currently the hottest topic in the world.
Nursing homes,

prisons, jails, schools,

courts and McDonald’s are all about this topic.
The doctor, who has only four fingers, is a visitor from space.And you will soon witness the 21st century scientific revolution.