【U.S.-China Economic War】Holoportation!Is 5G old? 6G plans planned by the United States!-Tokyo Fortune telling-

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The economic confrontation between the United States and China is intensifying.
China is aiming for world hegemony using the 5G standard for mobile phones.
Currently, the United States is being pushed by China.
But the United States has not lost.
The United States is working on a confidential plan based on the 6G standard.
If this next-generation technology becomes widespread, the United States will once again become a hegemon.
They have put the technology from Star Wars into practical use.
The name of the technology isMicrosoft’s Holoportation !

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Microsoft’s Holoportation !

Microsoft has developed Interactive 3D technologies that belong to MSR (Microsoft Research) for technology “holoportation” such as a transfer device that appears in science fiction movies.
As the name suggests, it is a system that combines hologram and teleportation.
Like teleportation, you can bring in 3D images of the other party to the place, and communicate beyond conversation and images.

Microsoft’s Holoportation

“Holoportation” captures people and their movements in 3D through a camera.
In the past, tracking human movements (tracking and digitizing) required multiple markers on the body and required extensive equipment.
We also had to spend time creating 3D models to incorporate movement. With holoportation, you can capture the subject and its movements from a different perspective and with a simple system as if it were a video, and reproduce it as 3D in near real time.
Use AR goggles “HoloLens” to see objects and people reproduced as 3D.Unlike AR goggles, AR goggles allow you to see the world that overlaps the real world and virtual world through goggles, so you can see each other in an augmented reality world where 3D people and objects and reality are mixed I can.
This allows them to communicate as if they were in the same place.And the Trump administration has declared that it aims to make this technology mobile.

Quote source/https://ja-jp.facebook.com/WhiteHouse/-2

 Okay ! 6G if 5G is bad ! ”

A voice comes from the White House.
If this technology can be used on smartphones,

A new industry will rise.

We need to watch the United States.



US New Technology

Plan standard 6G prévu par les États-Unis!
Une nouvelle technologie au-delà de la 5G chinoise a été lancée.

US New Technology

Von den USA geplanter 6G-Standardplan!
Neue Technologie jenseits von Chinas 5G wurde veröffentlicht.

США Новые технологии

Стандартный план 6G запланирован в Соединенных Штатах!
Новая технология за пределами Китая 5G была выпущена.


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