The Soul World

【Think about life】A trip to Japan ! I think about life in japan!-Tokyo Fortune telling-

The Soul World
Homeless-Tokyo Fortune telling

The wind is blowing
Cold wind
You want love

Love ?

Big agenda of life !
You are looking
But nowhere
Where is love!

Love ?

You want love
The answer is in the wind…

Homeless-Tokyo Fortune telling

There is no hope in this world
Everyone is hungry

Loneliness, ignorance,

prejudice, lack, lack, regret …
The world is in the dark?

You are in despair!

Your journey continues
I think about life in Japan
The homeless walks
Everyone despises and decides to ignore
This world is sick
Everyone loves each other
But no one can be kind
Something is wrong
you know it

Poor people,

poor everyday life !


Cape Lighthouse ?
Turn on the light
In the dark, the ship goes …
The future is invisible
Anyone !
I don’t know the answer
God rolls dice!

life goes on!

Life goes on!
I think about life in Japan.

I think

Seeking an answer …