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【Chinese Air Force】Chinese military ability ! J-20 Stealth fighter flight-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
The secret of the Chinese Air Force-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Source: Chinese People’s Liberation Army-1

The future movie is the air show of China Air Force held in 2018.
At this air show, China’s latest fighter J-20 is open to the public.
This J-20 is a fighter a Chinese military made with a sense of crisis after the Gulf War.
However, its performance is enveloped in mystery.
The modernization of the Chinese army is impressive,
and it is following the United States now.
And experts all over the world criticize this fighter aircraft.
The reasons are that the aircraft is big,then the canard is attached,and finally black smoke comes out from the engine …
Also,in modern times,experts point out that the age of manned aircraft has already ended,drone aircraft will become dominant.
I can keep an eye on the Chinese stealth aircraft in the future.

【J-20/Chinese military aircraft】

The modernization of the Chinese military is remarkable.
Their augmentation continues …

【J-20 in National Day Parade】

And they are developing unmanned fighters that surpass the US military.
The United States is being challenged by China.

J-20 /战斗机




J-20 / Kämpfer

Dieses Video zeigt einen chinesischen Tarnkappenflug der PLA.

J-20 / chasseur

Cette vidéo montre un vol d’un chasseur furtif chinois de l’APL.

J-20 / истребитель

J-20 – истребитель, разработанный PLA с престижем.
Они приобрели технологию из Соединенных Штатов путем взлома.
Однако двигатель этого истребителя хрупок.

【j-20 / เครื่องบินรบล่าสุดของทหารจีน】

J-20 เป็นเครื่องบินรบล่องหนที่พัฒนาโดยทหารจีนอย่างอิสระ.