【Travel to Japan】Japanese winter !-Tokyo Fortune telling-

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Japanese winter !-Tokyo Fortune telling-2

Japanese winter !
Cold !
It is dry.
In the mountains, snow falls.
This is because Japanese mountains have high altitudes.
And Japanese houses are cold !
Japanese house used in summer !
Winter is cold !
there are many ski resorts in Japan,
and you can enjoy playing in winter.
You can go to the ski area in two hours from Tokyo.
The level of skiing in Japan is high !

Japanese winter !-Tokyo Fortune telling-1

Japan is an interesting country.
In summer you can enjoy canoeing, mountaineering and surfing, and in winter you can ski and snowboard.

The food is also delicious.

the amount is small for Westerners! But cheap !

By all means,

let’s go to Japan. Japan welcomes you.

Japanese winter !-Tokyo Fortune telling-2

Japanese winter ?
it’s the best.

Japanese winter !

It’s cold.

Japanese winter ?

It snows.
Japanese ski area !

It’s fun.

Steep slopes are dangerous.

So you go to Japan !

By the way,
winter in Japan is from December to February.