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【Company history】LEGO ! LEGO BLOCKS !-Tokyo Fortune telling-

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【Company history】LEGO ! LEGO BLOCKS !-Tokyo Fortune telling-1

LEGO (Danish: LEGO) is a Danish toy company and brand of plastic building block toys.
In 1934, the company was named LEGO from the Danish word “leg godt”, which means “play well”.
Initially, it manufactured wooden toys.
Production of plastic toys began in 1949.
Kirkbi A / S, a privately held company, owned by the Christian family of the founding family, and LEGO Foundation, who own all the shares of LEGO

LEGO is a family company.

【Company history】LEGO ! LEGO BLOCKS !-Tokyo Fortune telling-1

LEGO’s products, which have a century of history, are high-quality plastic building blocks with sophisticated systems.
The company was a furniture store when it was founded.
Lego’s history began modestly with a woodworking factory built by Ole Kiak Christiansen in Billund, southern Denmark, Denmark. A family-run but creative company. Later it grew into a popular toy company worldwide.

【Company history】LEGO ! LEGO BLOCKS !-Tokyo Fortune telling-2

However, with the expiration of the LEGO basic patents in many countries in the late 1980s, a number of manufacturers began producing cheaper, similar blocks.
The emergence of video games has also reduced the average age of playing with Lego.
Lego sales and market share declined in the late 1990s due to the inability to keep up with the changing environment.

【Company history】LEGO ! LEGO BLOCKS !-Tokyo Fortune telling-3

Later, LEGO suffered a severe financial downturn and undertook a major restructuring.

But LEGO struggles.

Beginning in the 2000s, the subject covers a wide variety of galaxies, robots, pirates, medieval castles, dinosaurs, towns, suburbs, western settlements, arctic expeditions, boats, racing cars, railways, the Star Wars series, Harry Potter, Spider-man, Batman, Indiana Jones, Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean and more.