The Soul World

【Think about Life】Get to know Japan ! And think about life in Japan !-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World

Get to know Japan.
And think about life in Japan.
You feel emptiness.
Human society is in pain.
God died.
You are alive.


God was killed by the human heart.
The world is confused.

sex, poverty,

ignorance, ignorance,
obesity, illness, honor, boredom,


debt, lack of money,

racial conflict, Job shortage,


gender discrimination,

competition, Suicide, broken home, violence

I think about life in Japan.

Then look up at the sky.
The sun shines, the wind blows …
You are now looking for an answer.
And you are not satisfied with your life now.
But time is imminent.

Humans have a lifetime.

It is determined by God.
You have to think for yourself and take action.
God is testing you.


Everyone is alive today.
And someone is born and someone is dead.
What is at the end of the world ?

End of the world ?

There are many humans there.
He lives every day with emotions, desires and desires.

Everyone is hungry.

Is this world hell ?
Are the surrounding people demons ?
You are still suffering today.
But you stay alive.
I am thinking about life in Japan.
And if you are young,

find a way !

If you’re mature,

change your life !

You bring light back to your own world !
I think about life in Japan,

Live !

The trouble is not exhausted…