【News of a Death】“Roxette” Marie Fredriksson died on December 9, 2019!61 years old !-Tokyo fortune telling-

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Swedish male and female pop duo “Roxette”Marie Fredrickson died on December 9, 2019. 61 years old.
Marie Fredriksson was born in 1958. After making his solo debut in 1984 and succeeding in Sweden, he formed Roxette with Pere Gessle in 1986 to expand overseas.
And he succeeded in the song inserted in the movie “Pretty Woman”.
Julia Roberts and Richard Gere at that time were shining.

Their success is amazing !

This is because non-English speaking people succeeded in both English and non-English speaking countries.
There is no border for good music! She proved it.
However, she has been suffering from serious brain tumors since 2002.
She lost sight with the treatment.
Misery continued.

And he died.

the flowers she bloomed are not wilted.

【Roxette /Fading Like A Flower】

I wish you all the best.
Her singing voice is eternal.