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Tsunami (津波) is a large-scale wave propagation phenomenon that occurs in the ocean due to sudden changes in the sea floor and coastal topography caused by earthquakes, volcanic activity, and mountain collapse.
In rare cases, it may be caused by a meteorite collision flying from outer space or may occur in a lake. It is very different from high waves generated by strong winds, storm surges caused by typhoons and low pressure, side vibrations, and abnormal tide levels whose causes have not been clarified.
The feature is that the wavelength, which is the interval between one wave and one wave, is very long and the wave height tends to be huge.
Tsunami caused by an earthquake may have a wavelength of 600 km and a wave height of more than 5 m (this value changes significantly when the tsunami reaches the land)
The phenomenon of a tsunami is a phenomenon like a flood caused by a large amount of seawater, for example. Large tsunamis infiltrate deeply with floating objects, attacking people living in coastal areas, driving humans to drowning, and causing various disasters such as destruction of urban villages.
Since the latter half of the 20th century, “Tsunami” has become a common language widely used in the world.
The word tsunami(津波) is Japanese.
The 2011 Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake (the Great East Japan Earthquake) that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 recorded a rise of 40.1m in Ryori-zaki, (Ryori-Bay/綾里湾)Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture.
Is the tsunami the work of God ?
Or is it an internal movement ?
Discussed and studied around the world.
A natural wonder ? 
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