【BENZ G 500】The best radio control ! TAMIYA 1/10 R / C MERCEDES-BENZ G 500 !-Tokyo fortune telling-

Become a Benz owner-Tokyo fortune telling- The Soul World
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Benz of luxury car !
You cannot buy it with a regular salary.
TAMIYA in Japan offers Benz at an affordable price.


1/10 R/C


US wealthy !

Russian dignitaries !

Arab kings !
BENZ G 500 where he is drowning !
You witness!

【RC/BENZ G 500

This car is sold at amazon.com without going to a Benz dealership. Since it is an electric vehicle, it does not emit carbon dioxide. Benz is of course made in Japan.Moreover, you can make and run it yourself.

Let’s get on Benz with TAMIYA !

You are now the owner of Benz.
You can change your life in a luxury car !
Life is only once !
The rich man in New York is driving such a car freely.
You continue …



Devenir propriétaire de Benz

Vous pouvez devenir propriétaire de Benz si vous achetez du Tamiya fabriqué au Japon.

【Werden Sie Benz-Besitzer】


【Стать владельцем Benz】

Вы можете стать владельцем Benz, если купите Tamiya, сделанную в Японии.

【เป็นเจ้าของ Benz】

คุณสามารถเป็นเจ้าของ Benz ได้หากคุณซื้อ Tamiya ที่ผลิตในญี่ปุ่น