The Soul World北海道への旅-A Trip To Hokkaido-礼文島の思い出- Memories of Rebun Island-

【Remote island in Japan】 I want to go to Japan ? Rebun Island memories!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
Sightseeing Rebun Island in Hokkaid-4

There is an island called Rebun Island in Hokkaido, Japan.
This island is a solitary island.
However, on this island, you can see beautiful alpine plants.
I took a ferry from Nagoya to Hokkaido.

Pacific Ferry-2/Voyage in Japan

This ferry is called Pacific Ferry.(Taiheiyo Ferry)
Nagoya is also Japan’s leading industrial city and the home of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Pacific ferry meal

The ferry is comfortable.
You can also watch movies.
There will also be a concert.
Taiheiyo Ferry goes to Shizuoka, Tokyo, and Sendai off to Hokkaido.

Sapporo City-Hokkaido-1

I entered Sapporo from Tomakomai Port. (苫小牧港)Sapporo is the center of Hokkaido.
From there, take a long-distance bus to Wakkanai.
Wakkanai is the northernmost tip of Hokkaido.

Sapporo City, Hokkaido-1

Sapporo is a city of food, sex, tourism and pleasure.

Sapporo City, Hokkaido-8

I will take Wakkanai on a long-distance bus from late night.
When traveling in Hokkaido, you can enjoy the travel experience by taking a bus or train rather than an airplane.

Go to Rebun Island in Hokkaido-4

And early morning the next day ?
I took a ferry from Wakkanai to Rebun Island.
This ferry will not be dispatched when the waves are high.
Ships going to Wakkanai and Rebun Island often shake.
Those who are vulnerable to seasickness should be careful.

Rebun Island of Hokkaido-2

The weather on Rebun Island is rainy.
But the day I landed was sunny.
Rebun Island is extremely dry.

Shoot a ferry at Rebun Island in Hokkaido-8

Rishiri Island is next to Rebun Island.
And in Rishiri Island,
there is Rishiri mountain that represents Japan.
I went around the island by bicycle rental.
We also used buses.
Rebun Island is a small island.
The bus is recommended for visiting Rebun Island.

Walking on Rebun Island in Hokkaido-7

The only economy on the island is tourism and fishing. Also, because it is in the border area with Russia, the government is moving with the military stationing expenses.
This island is very bad economy. For this reason, tourist shops are expensive.

Walking on Rebun Island in Hokkaido-5

Rebun Island has a beautiful sea.
There are no trees on Rebun Island.
The reason is that a long time ago, a forest fire broke out and the forest burned.
And the forest disappeared and the sea was thinning.

Sightseeing Rebun Island in Hokkaido-6

There are many trails on this island.
There is also a campsite.
There is also a legend of Ainu.
Rebun Island is a different world of Japan.
This scene has not changed for thousands of years.

Sightseeing Rebun Island in Hokkaid-7

Rebun Island is famous for its alpine plants.
In Rebun Island, alpine plants bloom from zero meters above sea level.

This is a miracle.

The flower season is from late May to late June.

Sightseeing Rebun Island in Hokkaido-8

This island has the end of the world.
I strongly felt my existence on this island.

Humans are lonely.

And it ’s free.
Life continues.

Sightseeing Rebun Island in Hokkaid-1

The photo is ATUMON.
ATUMON is a flower fairy.
ATUMON is waiting for you at the port of Rebun Island.

Sightseeing Rebun Island in Hokkaid-4

What do lovers from overseas talk about on Rebun Island?

Sightseeing Rebun Island in Hokkaid-6

Does the sun set ?

Is the sun rising ?

Life never ends …

Sightseeing Rebun Island in Hokkaid-1

Rebun Island ?

Stay for a few days !

I came back the way I came.

Sightseeing Rebun Island in Hokkaid-1

Rebun Island, Wakkanai, Sapporo, Tomakomai, Nagoya …

Sunset seen from the Pacific ferry-6

My journey never ends.

Of course,

your journey …