【Russian new missile】Russian new missile released!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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A new Russian missile that the U.S. Navy is shocked has been released-Tokyo fortune telling-

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video of the launch of the P-800 “Ounix” supersonic anti-ship missile for the first time in the country’s easternmost Chukchi Peninsula.
It was the coastal defense missile system “Bastion” of the Russian Pacific Fleet that launched “ONIX”.
According to the Russian Ministry of Defense,
missiles were operated normally.
The missile hit the target ship in the Chukchi Sea more than 200 km away at the set time.
As a result, US Navy ships are no longer close to Russia.
They are targeting the US Navy.

【Russian new missile】

This is a missile that cannot be intercepted.
Now the United States can no longer compete with Russia.
And this missile can be launched vertically,
so it can be launched from underground.
the US Navy is not accessible to mainland Russia.



Nouveau missile russe

En 2019, un nouveau missile russe a été publié.
Ce missile est une balle guidée.
Les navires au large vont couler s’ils sont visés par ce missile.

Русская новая ракета

В 2019 году была выпущена новая российская ракета.
Эта ракета – управляемая пуля.
Оффшорные корабли потонут,
если попадут под эту ракету.

【Russische neue Rakete】

2019 wurde eine neue russische Rakete abgefeuert.
Diese Rakete ist eine gelenkte Kugel.
Offshore-Schiffe sinken,
wenn sie von dieser Rakete angegriffen werden.


ในปี 2019 มีการปล่อยขีปนาวุธรัสเซียใหม่ ขีปนาวุธนี้เป็นกระสุนนำ เรือนอกชายฝั่งจะจมถ้ากำหนดเป้าหมายด้วยขีปนาวุธนี้