【Cook in the mountains】The pleasure of life? Mysterious Japanese cooks in the mountains ! -Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Mysterious man cooks in the mountains-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The pleasure of life ?

Mysterious Japanese cooks in the mountains.

Japan’s nature is rich. Seventy percent of the country is forest.
A beautiful river flows through the mountains in Japan.
And there are a lot of wild animals.
A mysterious man walks on such a mountain in Japan.
He knows the pleasures of life.
He boiles clear water and drinks tea.
The figure is noble than the British who love tea.
And make a dish with lots of vegetables.
Why are you alive?

Cooking in the mountains

Make money?

The public body?


For old age?





The river at the back of the mountain will draineverything.

Japanese nature will tell you.

If life is ever
If you are lost in your life,
you can go to Japan!





【Japanischer klarer Strom】

Japans klarer Strom !
Japan ist ein wunderschönes Land.
70 Prozent von Japans Land besteht aus Wald.
Ein Mann kocht in den Bergen Japans.
Du solltest nach Japan gehen.

【Le flux libre du Japon】

Le flux clair du Japon! Le Japon est un pays magnifique.
Soixante-dix pour cent des terres du Japon sont des forêts.
Un homme cuisine dans les montagnes du Japon.
Tu devrais aller au Japon.

Чистый поток Японии

Чистый поток Японии! Япония прекрасная страна. Семьдесят процентов японской земли составляют леса. Мужчина готовит в горах Японии. Вы должны поехать в Японию.


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