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【Japanese Fishing Culture】Mysterious tuna fishing boat! Japanese tuna fishing boats are the fastest in the world-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
Tuna fishing by high-speed fishing boat-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Mysterious tuna fishing boat! Japanese tuna fishing boats are the fastest in the world.
Japan is surrounded by the sea on all sides.
Japanese were prohibited from eating meat until the Meiji Restoration took place.

Therefore, in Japan,

fish have been a valuable source of protein since the Middle Ages.
Japanese love fish.


in recent years,
the amount of catch has decreased to protect marine resources. Still Japanese do not give up.
And Japanese people like tuna very much.
In pursuit of such tuna,
fishermen are out in the sea today.


【High speed tuna fishing boat】

Japanese eat tuna mainly with Sa-shimi(刺し身).
And Japanese make sushi with tuna.

In the West,

we don’t eat raw saltwater fish because we are concerned about pollution of the sea.


the Japanese have acquired the form of the final evolution of humanity.


if you have yams and soy sauce,
you can eat tuna deliciously.



【Bateau de pêche à grande vitesse】

Les Japonais mangent du thon.
Les Japonais utilisent des bateaux de pêche à grande vitesse pour attraper le thon.
Les Occidentaux s’inquiètent de la pollution marine et ne mangent pas de poisson cru.
les Japonais mangeront de délicieux poissons de mer s’ils ont de la sauce de soja et de l’igname.


Japaner essen Thunfisch.
Japaner benutzen Hochgeschwindigkeitsfischerboote,
um Thunfisch zu fangen.
Westler sind besorgt über die Meeresverschmutzung.
Deshalb esse ich keinen rohen Fisch.
Japaner essen jedoch rohen Seefisch,
wenn sie nur Yamswurzel und Sojasauce haben.

Японец и море

Японцы очень любят тунец.
Поэтому японские рыбаки переделывают рыбацкую лодку и отправляются ловить тунца на скорости 100 км / ч.


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