【US Air Force Secrets】Airspace invasion? The United States Air Force has published mysterious pictures-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Showing top secret missions of the US Air Force-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

After World War II,
a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft developed to shoot communist countries!
The name is U-2!
The reconnaissance aircraft was developed and manufactured in the United States,

not Ireland.

U-2 is still active.
U-2 still monitors Russia and China from the stratosphere.
U-2’s mission is the exact photography required for a nuclear missile.
Such, U-2 secret recently,
the United States Air Force has been released.
The meaning of this intention is …


U-2 flies in the stratosphere.


U-2 (Lockheed U-2) is a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft developed by Lockheed based on F-104.


U-2 is not an official, but has the nickname Dragon Lady. In addition, there is a nickname of “black jet” from the painting.


U-2 was developed by CIA funds. U-2 was developed from the Cold War era to the present day, since the first unit advanced on August 4, 1955 (Showa 30). It is a valuable source of information for Although U-2 is informal, there is also a record of engagement with UFO.


U-2 is equipped with a slender straight wing,
flies at a height of 21,212 m (70,000 ft) or more a special camera for reconnaissance is loaded, and cold war era including armament deployment situation of communism areas such as the Soviet Union I have taken confidential information.


After the Cold War,

in the 1990s,

the United States Air Force improved the function of avionics such as the cockpit,
and remodeled the engine into a performance-enhanced U-2S with the engine replaced with the F118-GE-101 (thrust: 8,390 kg). As of 2018, 27 U-2S aircraft and 5 TU-2S aircraft are owned by the 9th Reconnaissance Wing (9RW).


U-2 is now taking pictures of Russian and Chinese military secret bases.


Aliens visiting the earth are also concerned about the existence of U-2.


U-2 supports US intelligence activities.


both Russian and Chinese troops know U-2 activities.


United States Air Force
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There is no end to U-2 reconnaissance.

U-2, a ninja in the sky,

is now taking pictures of the Earth’s base built by aliens.



Geheimnisse der US-Luftwaffe

Das US-amerikanische Aufklärungsflugzeug ist noch aktiv.
Schon jetzt schießt U-2 russische und chinesische
Militärstützpunkte aus großer Höhe.

Секреты ВВС США

Американский высотный разведывательный самолет все еще активен. Даже сейчас У-2 ведет огонь с российских и китайских военных баз с большой высоты.

【Secrets de l’US Air Force】

L’avion de reconnaissance américain à haute altitude est toujours actif. Même maintenant, U-2 tire sur des bases militaires russes et chinois depuis une altitude élevée.


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