【Travel to Japan】Be alone and think about life in Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
A trip to Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The world is confused.
Everyone is lost for a destination.

The world is fighting.

Capitalist oppression,
oppression, freedom …

In the dark,

Everyone is asking for an answer.
But there is no answer in this world.
Truth exists. But I can not get to the truth.
You are giving up.

You are sad.

You feel the limit of possibilities.
I, I am thinking about the meaning of life in Japan.

The darkness of this world is deep.

There is no light in this world. And I, I doubt the existence of the gods and buds.
People are wandering around the world of labyrinth.


wealth, sexual desire,

desire for survival, safety,

impulse, suffering, hunger, thirst …
And you feel doubt about your existence.


There is no place in the metaphysical world nor in the physical world.
You are crying to your ignorance.


in this moment,
it rains somewhere in the world and people die.


at this moment,
the sun rises and people are born somewhere in the world.


I, I’m asking for an answer.
I, I am thinking about life in Japan.

Thinking, Thinking,

Feeling …

The answer is not at the university.

The answer is not in the textbook.
There is no teacher who knows the answer.

You are the one you seek!