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【The World of Zen】ZEN! Japanese Buddhism! The world of Eihei-ji!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
The sacred place of Zazen in Fukui Prefecture, Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The world of Eihei-ji(永平寺).

Eihei-Ji is located in Fukui Prefecture, Japan.
Hard training is done here.
This temple is a sectarian temple called Soto.
Soto is a denomination with great power in Japan.
there is a period from all over Japan, and monks of that sect gather.
And I will train.
Zazen is strict, everyday life is a place of training.
Their source of income is donations and temple fees.
There are many contradictions in managing temples in the capitalist world.
But they are hard at keeping up with the tradition of zazen.



This is also a tourist destination, so there are a lot of people on holidays.
We also have ceremonies for believers.
The place is the Japan Sea side of Japan.
It is located in Fukui Prefecture in the Hokuriku region.
This temple is in the back of the mountain.
The shaven here is kind of looking.
they are also very tough people.
The sound used for this video is Hannya Shingyo (般若心経).
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Этот храм находится в префектуре Фукуи,
Тяжелое обучение сделано здесь.
Этот храм открыт для публики.


Ce temple est situé dans la préfecture de Fukui,
au Japon. Un entraînement intensif est fait ici.
Ce temple est ouvert au public.
Ceci est situé à l’arrière de la montagne dans la préfecture de Fukui.
Zazen est un acte abstrait et conceptuel.
Mais Zazen n’a pas de mots.


Dieser Tempel befindet sich in der Präfektur Fukui,
Hier wird hart trainiert.
Dieser Tempel ist für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglich
.Dies ist auf der Rückseite des Berges in der Präfektur Fukui gelegen.
Zazen ist eine abstrakte und konzeptuelle Handlung.
Aber Zazen hat keine Worte.





Eihei-ji of the cold.
Winter in Fukui Prefecture is cold!
The monks wake up at three o’clock in the morning and go into training.
You can meet Japanese Buddhism if you go here.
If you want to be successful,
look at your inside!
Welcome to the world of souls!