【The Best 4WD Car】Suzuki Jimny!A four-wheeled car that changes the world!

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The best four wheel drive! Suzuki's Jimny! Real four wheel drive!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Is it justice if it is big?

Wrong! Wrong!

What are the car conditions you really need?
It is a small,
small roundabout,
running on a mountain path.
If you remodel,
you can cross the river.
Run on hills,
coasts, mountains, cliffs, battlefields.
There is a car that fulfills such a desire.
that is…

Suzuki Jimny!

And you will see a shocking video from now on.


【Suzuki Jimny】

Quote/2019 Suzuki Jimny: Detailed review & hardcore off-road test 

The times demand a highly mobile compact car!

Jimny is very popular in Japan!

Suzuki Jimny Review

This is by no means a gay car.
The Indian Army has officially adopted Jimny.
Once you get on Jimny,
you will not be able to ride Hammer,
Land Cruiser, Land Rover, and Grendewagen.
And I’m popular with women.
You get on! You get on Jimny!
And succeed!



Der beste Allradantrieb

Suzukis Jimny ist ein kluges und robustes Auto.

Dieses Auto fährt durch Klippen,
Hügel, Berge,
Küsten und Flüsse.
Verrate dich niemals!

【Le meilleur quatre roues motrices】

Suzuki Jimny est une voiture intelligente et difficile.
Cette voiture traverse des falaises,
des champs de bataille,
des collines, desmontagnes,
des côtes et des rivières.
Ne te trahis jamais!

Лучший полный привод

Suzuki’s Jimny – умная и выносливая машина.
Этот автомобиль проезжает по скалам,
полям сражений,
холмам, горам, берегам и рекам.
Никогда не предам тебя!


Jimny ของซูซูกิเป็นรถที่ฉลาดและแกร่ง