【US Navy Secrets】Reveal the Secrets of the US Navy’s Nuclear Submarine-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Top Secret Video of the US Navy-Tokyo Fortune Telling-The Soul World
Top Secret Video of the US Navy-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

We will now release the secret of the US Navy’s nuclear submarine.
The US Navy’s submarines have to leave the base once and have at least
three months in the sea.
The time when you can enjoy the sailors in such a harsh environment is
The US Navy is focused on food even in the developed world.
Hot pizza, freshly brewed coffee …
It is the meal that decides the outcome of the war.
You will now witness the secrets of the US Navy.
They have been monitoring the Russian navy,
Chinese navy and USO for twenty-four hours for the United States.


【Want To Eat Submarine Food】

*Quote source/Film Credits: CPO Darryl Wood

They are always on the mission of defense under the sea.
of course.
I eat well.
I am hungry when I watch this video.



US Navy Geheimnisse

Dieses Video ist eine Aufnahme einer Mahlzeit auf einem Atom-U-Boot der
US Navy.
Die U-Boote der US-Marine bieten rund um die Uhr warme Speisen.

Secrets de la marine américaine

Cette vidéo est une photo d’un repas d’un sous-marin nucléaire de la marine
Les sous-marins de l’US Navy proposent des repas chauds 24h / 24.

Секреты ВМС США

Это видео – выстрел из еды на атомной
подводной лодке ВМС США.
Подводные лодки ВМС США предлагают
горячее питание 24 часа в сутки.