【Become the wind】 The Swoopy Guy! He Shakes the Nation!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
Swiss who is shocked by Americans-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The swoopy guy!
He provokes the United States!
Those who skateboard in New York are trash!
The world trembles him.
He is the wind.
You witness.
And you get to the wind!
You fly far, far away!


【Raw Run || 70 mph in Switzerland】

He will be able to be one of the Avengers.


【Raw Run || Dawn Patrol in Switzerland】

He renews the world.
It is Elon Mask of the skateboard world!
You who saw this video can not return to normal life!
The whole country was shocked.
The United States was upset by him.
He will still be in Switzerland today.
He keeps shocking the world.
open the world of skateboard!



Ein Mann, der die Welt verändert

Il a du vent dans les montagnes suisses.
Vous êtes témoin d’une vidéo choquante.

Un homme qui change le monde

Er ist windig in den Bergen der Schweiz.
Sie erleben ein schockierendes Video.

Человек, который меняет мир

Он ветрен в горах Швейцарии.
Вы видите шокирующее видео.


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