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【Americans are Shocked】 American College Students Eat Japanese Cheesecake and Get Shocked!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
American college students are shocked in Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

American college students eat Japanese cheesecake and get shocked!
You witness!
American college students eat cheesecakes made by Japanese women.
You witness.
And I am shocked.


【Americans are shocked】

There is an unknown taste in Japan.
So you should come to Japan and eat Japanese confections!
You will experience a shock in Japan.
Japanese sweets are waiting for your visit to Japan.
I will say many times.
You are coming to Japan!
If you like sweets,
Japan will meet your desires.
Japan has been actively researching western sweets since the Meiji
Restoration and making it its own.
You meet real Western sweets in Japan!
And your worldview will spread.
If you go to Japan,
your life will be greatly improved.

【Japanische Süßwaren】

Amerikanische Studenten essen in Japan hergestelltes Gebäck.
Und ich bin schockiert.

Confiserie japonaise

Les étudiants américains mangent des pâtisseries fabriquées au Japon.
Et je suis choqué.

Японские кондитерские изделия

Американские студенты едят кондитерские
изделия японского производства.
И я в шоке.


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